In the office or at home, electronics help to make life easier and more enjoyable

A simple movement and a gentle press of the finger on the Enter key is all it takes. The DVD is loaded or the CD starts to indulge our ears. In the office, the printer bleeps and the letterhead appears at the top of our letter or the four-colour flyer finally materialises.

forteq transmission solutions are used everywhere.

Whether in printers, photocopiers or toner systems: our customers can rely on our functional systems and transmission solutions. High volume production, small to medium-sized parts made of technically high-grade plastics, high precision and durability distinguish our mechatronic applications.

Around the world, the manufacturers of office and consumer electronics count on our expertise, our creativity and flexibility as well as our global production capacity. Quality and precision are what distinguishes forteq.

The success of our customers motivates us every time we hear music, watch a film or print.

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