Comfort and driving enjoyment are no luxury

Drivers can lock and unlock their car by simply pressing a button. What goes on inside the door is down to our expertise. You can therefore rest assured that the car is locked, the safety belt will hold fast, the window will open automatically, the seat can be adjusted properly, the steering wheel determines which direction the wheels and vehicle point and much more. This requires transmission solutions - our speciality.

Vital individual components for compressors in diesel and petrol engines keep these running reliably and form the mechanical backbone. Thus, we endeavour to find the best possible solution in order to be able to ensure comfort and reliability. Be it complete drive systems, individual mechanical components made of plastic or several components, frames and housings, forteq has the expertise to find the right solution.

Around the world, the motor industry relies on our expertise, our creativity and flexibility as well as our global production capacity. Quality and precision are what distinguishes forteq.

The success of our customers motivates us every time we use our cars!

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