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Globally recognised certification as a guarantee of forward-looking quality

forteq is synonymous with quality, reliability and safety.
In a constantly improving process that ties in all our divisions around the world, we are dedicated to comprehensive Total Quality Management to the benefit of our customers.

The forteq staff in all areas and at all levels are committed to adhering to the high quality standards.
We model all our activities on the demands, requirements and wishes of our customers.
Our products and services are therefore constantly monitored, actively controlled and continuously improved.

The quality sytems at our Automotive production sites are certified according to IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Since forteq seeks to minimise the environmental impact of its business activities. We are actively working to ensure that all facilities will be certified according to ISO 14001 (environment management system).

Visit our certificates page for details.

Our quality assurance experts have the ambition to meet the safety and quality requirements at all times.

Their dedication makes an important contribution to the reliability of our products and services and hence the success of forteq and our customers!

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