Implementing our customers’ ideas for the future, fascinates us

Our motivation is the combined success of forteq and our customers. Our passion is precision plastic technology. These allow car windows to close automatically, to optimize noise reduction and enery consumption in cars, enable office printers to print out thousands of pages smoothly, and much more.

Every day forteq manufactures a high volume of highly complex, precision-made plastic components and assemblies around the world for use in technical applications.

Our company has a global presence which forms the basis of a complete supply chain management, project management, engineering and manufacturer capabilities.
Our development engineers are specialists and internationally active when it comes to designing mechatronic solutions, assemblies and individual components.

This enables us to ensure that our customers’ products work reliably and run smoothly. Implementing our customers’ ideas for the future, developing and sustainably implementing solutions in dialogue with them is something that fascinates us.

With our partners, customers and our global forteq network, we guarantee service, quality, innovation, reliability, experience and expertise.

Our aim: open, lasting and successful partnerships with the customer, based on mutual trust and cooperation!

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