Excellent production facilities, the latest technologies and high precision ensure security

At forteq, implementation of high volume production is in experienced hands. Our specialists use the knowledge gained during the development stage and the subse-

quently defined manufacturing processes.

During the initial stages, the development team supports production engineering to enable the expertise to be channelled into high volume production.

forteq has at its command highly qualified specialists with outstanding experience in terms of applications and implementation, and working according to TQM and GMP requirements.

Our customers benefit in several aspects:

  • High discipline and consistency to our production workflows worldwide
  • Experienced and highly skilled employees in automotive and healthcare industrial environment (ISO/TS 16949, TQM, GMP, ISO 13485)
  • The ability to focus resources on the primary operation
  • Short lead times on tooling with economic tooling costs
  • Higher quality, lower costing parts thanks to our certified process controls and raw-material purchasing efficiencies
  • Metal replacement technologies in place
  • Project management skills guarantee a successful implementation being to time, cost and quality

Our production teams work with passion, precision and experience to secure our customers’ success!

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