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Dear clients, colleagues and stakeholders,


Once more we are moving closer to celebrating Christmas and the New Year. This is for many of us a time of sharing, good food, sending greeting cards and giving gifts to family and friends.


In recent years the forteq Group supported local charities instead of sending out Christmas cards. The appreciation shown by the charities receiving the support and the positive feedback from our business partners has encouraged us to continue this approach with people who need support to improve their quality of life.

United Kingdom

When we listen to the daily news these days there is a dominating topic all over the world - “conflicts, unrest and war”. Countless people have already lost their lives, and millions have been displaced; forced to spend Christmas far away from their families and homes, not knowing if they will ever see them again.


There is no doubt that the misery and flows of refugees caused by those wars around the world are a challenge to many countries worldwide, and to those individuals that would like to help others. This puts an even greater pressure on companies and wealthy individuals to contribute even more. The global social and environmental responsibility is going to become an even more important task for every nation in the years to come, and even a small donation means a step in the right direction.




The purpose of each chosen local charity organization has been summarized below in order to share it with all of you.


On behalf of the forteq Group I would like to thank you, our clients, colleagues and business partners for your support and successful cooperation during the past year.


We wish you all the best, a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in 2015.


Kind regards,

Rune Bakke
Chief Executive Officer
forteq Group

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